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    The challenge

    Strong businesses and sustainable deployable workforce!

    Through the Fonds Kollektieve Belangen (FKB) of Technical Wholesale an investigation was made into the attractiveness of the sector for workers. It was discovered that, in general, compared with other sectors the education level of the workers was relatively low and that employers do relatively little to further educate their employees. Also the employer’s association has virtually no activities in this area.

    Other findings showed that this sector did not have a positive image for people coming from other sectors and for entrants into the labour market. It was further stated that the training and qualifying of staff is an important factor in retaining good employees.

    How de we get members from this sector, which largely consist of SMEs, to actively invest in worker’s education, schooling and qualifications?

    The solution

    Performance Driven Learning was the decisive reason for Human Talent Group having been chosen as a development partner and program manager. Educating for returns is what appeals to member; mostly SME entrepreneurs who would like to be able to see the direct effects of their training euros.

    For performance improvement to be central the acronym PiTiG (punchy) was chosen which stands for: Prestatieverbetering Technishce Groothandel (Performance Improving Technical Wholesale). This name is familiar to members who have already experienced the nature of the program – very punchy!

    In total 4 training tracks were developed:

    1. Sales. For internal sales (Mbo3) and account management (Mbo4)
    2. Logistics. For Mbo 2 and for Mbo 3 levels
    3. Purchasing modules
    4. Technical modules for basic technical knowledge.

    Education is actively included in the implementation of the programs together with Top Training Agencies with a solid Track-record in the sector. Here the ‘best of both worlds’ are combined and create a leading program which the sector can be proud of.

    Unique, distinctive and varied approach

    Improvement modules and programs

    Each training track consists of 10-12 improvement modules which are coupled to concrete results areas. For example, for logistics:

    • Increase the reliability of delivery
    • Increase productivity
    • Improve vitality and employability

    Or, for example, sales:

    • Elaborate distinctive areas
    • Increase conversion quotes
    • Increase online turnover

    Download de complete Sales Brochure PiTtiG

    In the approach use was made of successful examples from practice. This avoids the ‘pie in the sky’ scenario and allows entrepreneurs to see what is in the ‘here and now’. In addition the participants gain insight in what the success factors and costs and benefits are and therefore they are guided in a practical way in translating these successful examples into their own practise.

    Resources & Interventions

    In the approach use was made of:

    • Program management Academy
    • Personal mobile performance dashboard
    • Online improvement modules (e-learning)
    • Virtual Classroom sessions
    • Online Coaching
    • Inspiration sessions
    • Mentality training
    • Commercial and management skills training
    • Marketing and recruitment for the sector

    Client: WTG, FNV, CNV, De Unie

  • Rogier this is so much fun!!!!! and what I’m going to do is so boring. I now have a much better understanding that the BPV should perhaps be filled differently by us. Actually, I’m speechless…..

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