Our customers – Speeltuin 2020!

  • Speeltuin 2020!

    The challenge

    What is our vision for Speeltuin 2020 (Playground 2020) and how do we get our members on-board in an innovative way?

    NUSO, the Dutch trade association for playgrounds, with over 1000 member playground and children’s holiday organisations know better than anyone else how you let playful children learn and develop in a fun a way. Can you do the same for your members as directors of playgrounds ranging from very professionally managed companies with impressive budgets to small playgrounds controlled by good-willed volunteers?


    The solution

    As a trade association NUSO would like to be a stimulus for progress and innovation for both the function and the content of the playground in the future. In addition NUSO hooks onto social themes. Playgrounds are multi-functional places for the neighbourhood where people meet and share things. At different times in the day it offers room for different customer groups. In the modern playground the child’s moment to play is not the only key thing, it also serves as a meeting place for the neighbourhood for people from the ages of 1-100!

    To get NUSO’s vision crystal clear Human Talent Group organised a number of Mastercircle sessions with as many playground directors as experts and directors of adjacent organisations such ‘Jantje Beton’ and Vrijwilligershulp Nederland (The Netherlands Volunteers). The Mastercircle method is a licensed method in which a setting is created which invites creative and innovative thinking and often leads to breakthroughs and insights into a new future.

    In the next phase, with all stakeholders, we worked out a 3D animation in which you can take a 3D tour of Speeltuin 2020. Via so-called hotspots – places in the 3D tour where visitors are offered content in the form of guiding information and photos and videos – the visitor can slide through the content in the screen so that he/she gets the right relevant information for a particular area of the playground. This is how the visitor discovers the content in a playful, dosed and relevant way. The visitor can decide on his/her tour through scroll-and-swipe technology.

    Have a look here at the 3D animation in the vision document of Speeltuin 2020


    Meanwhile, through this [presentation of the] vision, a number of municipalities and local governments are on-board to collectively ensure that Speeltuin 2020 will definitely be built. It is now therefore in full swing!

    This module is part of a larger project NUSO-Online. In this project directors are involved in all aspect for the successful management of a playground. The online theme modules range from “how do I do I get the Council member to the table’ to ‘Safety’.

    Through the technology developed by Human Talent Group to make a 3D tour en-route hotspots other programs can be developed on a much broader scale. For example, consider ‘Safety Modules’ for prisons or youth care centres to allow employees to experience all aspects of safety of the institution through 3D. Or think of a ‘store safari’ in which employees can get to know a shop an through 3D and learn about what is required in each area through the Hotspots. In sum, a good multi-purpose e-learning tool.

    Resources and Interventions

    Resources & Interventions

    In this approach use is made of:

    • Program management
    • Mastercircle sessions, elaboration, reporting and discussing outcomes with all stakeholders
    • 3D-animation to get directors, councillors and volunteers on-board Speeltuin 2020

    Client: NUSO

  • Our results

    • The first directors and municipalities are on-board to build speeltuin 2020 together!