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    The challenge

    All aboard! How do I get every one on-board with my new vision and strategy?

    Spar makes a successful transition from wholesaler to retailer, a development whereby Spar has given a new meaning and value to the local supermarket as the Best Neighbour. Nice and Easy, Committed, Ready. How do you get all the entrepreneurs and their employees on-board with this vision? How do you ensure the corresponding improvement of quality in all the shops?

    The solution

    In the process of moving from a Wholesaler to a retailer, it was clear that for Spar this could only be successfully achieved through a growth of knowledge and skills of the entrepreneurs and employees. Subsequently, Spar started the Spar Academy.

    The Spar Academy consists of an array of more than 40 performance-improvement modules that are aimed at improving measurable aspects of the shop. These can be:

    • ‘Increase revenue through the selling power of the shop’
    • ‘Increase AGF revenue and/or ‘bread’ and other departments’
    • ‘Increase revenue through personal sales and promotion’
    • ‘Increase revenue through local marketing & promotion’
    • ‘Reduce modifiable costs’
    • ‘Reduce labour costs’
    • ‘Avoid Out of Stock’
    • ‘Implement Spar online’
    •  And so on.

    Concrete programs with an average duration of 3/4 months focussed on the practical implementation of the vision and strategy of Spar with direct measurable results.

    Modular and completely certifiable improvement program

    The modules can followed as modules in their own right but also as parts of a complete program with the possibility of acquiring a recognised diploma. Here the entrepreneur or employees can sign up for additional modules. If the entrepreneur or employee is willing, this can lead to a recognised diploma on MBO 2, 3 or 4 level (professional certificate). This is how the quality improvement of the shops is achieved with corresponding social recognition for those involved. 1/3 of all the entrepreneurs participated in the program.

    Complete academy

    There is a complete academy with every imaginable ‘performance-improvement module’ for a supermarket including all the KPI’s which can be applied to them.

    Spar has made a great leap forward. The new vision and strategy is translated to new shop formats, shop modules and a whole new concept just like the university shop. In sum, Spar is back in the supermarket game.

    Resources and Interventions

    In the approach use was made of:

    • Personal mobile KPI dashboard per outlet:
      • Consumer reviews (online survey tool HTG)
      • Culture Performance Measurements
    • Benchmark outlet results
    • Online modules for improvement modules for all KPIs of an outlet
    • Large Scale Events
    • Inspiration sessions
    • Course content-related skills training
    • Mentality training
    • Commercial and managerial skills training
    • Guidance from business advisers
    • Internal marketing campaign and promotion

    Lasting results

    Spar still makes full use of all the modules. Also, a specific module has been developed around core values elaborating the vision and strategy for all entrepreneurs and employees and even temporary staff. The modules are embedded in the regular guidance process, with the business adviser as a facilitator, helping the entrepreneur and employees to actively address the shop’s points for improvement. In this way the business adviser gets far more grip on the implementation.

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  • The results

    • 100

      More than 2000 participants in more than 250 shops

    • 40

      Measurable performance improvements in shops

    • 100

      More than 40 performance improvement modules & programs that contribute to succes in KPIs

    • 100

      Positive cultural changes in the organisation

    Spar Academie claiming big succes (Dutch)