• Online-Onderwijs.NU

    The challenge

    Simplicity and effectiveness in continuous education for teachers!

    The language proficiency of teachers has often been questioned in the past. Various studies have indicated that there will not be enough knowledge in this area, not only for Dutch language teachers but also teachers from all other disciplines. Each teacher is after after all a language teacher. In this respect the municipality of Rotterdam wanted to improve the Dutch language skills of teachers in the region.

    It was agreed that for each teacher to undergo the same course would cost a lot of time and would not be very efficient.

    OnlineOnderwijs.NU: never learn too much or too little

    The language module ‘OnlineOnderwijs’ (OnlineEducation) was set up together with the municipality of Rotterdam, Human Talent Group, A New Spring, Mastercircle and Genootschap Onze Taal (Society Our Language). This adaptive online language module for all teachers and is available to 7000 teachers in the region. With this module they can continuously measure and improve their language level. As the module is adaptive each teacher receives a curriculum depending on their level. For example, teacher X is strong in grammar but less strong in spelling and teacher Y needs help in punctuation but knows enough about the use of capital letters. By only being handed the learning material of what they do not possess they never learn too much or too little.

    Secure knowledge through MemoTrainer app

    The Special Memo Trainer from aNewSpring which is coupled with the module ensures an extra stimulus for the participants. MemoTrainer ensures that the participants are presented with a daily series of short questions out of the module. These ‘reminders’ help to store the learning material in the long-term memory and this how they learn as effectively and efficiently as possible to achieve the best results at the final exam. Additionally MemoTrainer is available as an app and therefore the teachers can learn at any time anywhere.

    The start of a good collaboration

    Online Oderwijs is a hot topic in the education sector and has received considerable coverage in the media. The Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science would like every teacher in the Netherlands to work on their professional development. This language module is therefore just the beginning as there are many other topics for training which can be taught in this way via

    At the same time the cooperation between Human Talent Group, A New Spring and Mastercircle is further consolidating an independent company which provides continuous education for teachers.

    Furthermore, modules are now offered for all new students studying PABO (professional certificate for pedagogy).

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    Resources and Interventions

    In the approach use is made of:

    • Program management ‘Beter Presteren Taal & Rekenen Rotterdam’
    • Mastercircle sessions, elaboration, reporting & discussing results with all stakeholders
    • Development module
    • Supporting the roll-out in all schools
  • Our results

    • Over 15.000 participants
    • Less than 10% pass the entrance exam
    • 98% pass the final exam after following the module!