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    The challenge

    Craftsmanship in the workplace!

    As a sector how do you ensure craftsmanship returns to the workplace?

    Employers and workers organisations in the bakery sector have pushed each other to bring back craftsmanship to the workplace in the form of the Nationale Bakkerij Academie (National Bakery Academy). On the basis of this initiative the Strategic Vision for the Bakery Sector 2010-2015 was: The human element. The Nationale Bakkerij Academie must ensure that the themes from this strategic vision are translated into implementation programs for the members. The goal: stronger sustainable businesses and stronger sustainable and deployable workers.

    The solution

    The starting point at the beginning of the Nationale Bakkerij Academie was that all improvement programs, in addition to concrete improvement measures in the business, would also lead to social recognition.

    In order to achieve this a modular structure was chosen with improvement modules such as:

    • Improving the bread quality scores
    • Increase efficiency
    • Improving Machine reliability
    • Et cetera

    Together they lead to the recognised diploma Process Operator level 2 or 3. Following this there are ‘overhanging’ manager’s modules which help managers steer the improvement modules / processes. These modules simultaneously cover vocational sections from MBO 4 (professional qualification).

    The whole content of the program is directed from the business world of the sector. Executive teachers from schools brought in to autonomously run program after an admission assessment conducted by specialists from the sector. This initiative contributed to the innovation of the learning process and the adjacent training of teachers in schools.

    Complete academy

    At the same time there is a complete academy in which a range of programs is offered to all members from the process operator or salesmen to artisanal baker and from Mbo2 to Mbo4. Partly due to discussions about price of flour, the dismantling of borders with existing autonomy and commodity initiatives took a lot of courage on behalf of all the directors in the beginning. The Nationale Bakkerij Academie is now in full swing. The name is growing. The participants are enthusiastic.

    Resources & Interventions

    In the approach use was made of:

    • Program management for setting up a new foundation + business plan
    • Personal mobile KPI dashboard per establishment:
      • Customer reviews (online survey tool HTG)
      • Performance Culture Measurements
    • Benchmark establishment results / measurement rating points indicators from the factories
    • Online improvement modules
    • Inspiration sessions
    • Skills training in the course content
    • Mentality training
    • Commercial en management skills training
    • Marketing campaign for the sector

    Remaining results

    De Nationale Bakkerij Academie is now an independent foundation with its own manager and organisation and directed by employers’ and workers’ organisations. It is now fully anchored in the sector.

    Client: NVB, NBOV, FNV, CNV

    Website: www.nba-opleiding.nl

  • The results

    • 100

      100% support of the members

    • 100

      More than 18 performance improvement modules & programs that contribute to succes in KPIs

    • 40

      Training from professional certificate levels Mbo 2-Mbo 4

    • 40

      Measurable performance improvement amongst members

    Download the report: No qualification without motivation. About stimulating career development amongst the poorly qualified. (Dutch)

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