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    The challenge

    Measurable improvement of the leadership? The Leadership Performance Coach!
    Jan Linders is a successful supermarket chain in the south of the Netherlands which time and again is able to pull in prizes for being the best ‘fresh’ supermarket. Of course this does not come easily. It comes on the basis of well-trained employees. For years Jan Linders has been investing in training for all of its employees. Jan Linders, in collaboration with Human Talent Group, launched the successful improvement program TOP. This program contributes to the fresh performance and customer focus of the shops.
    To ensure that it is comfortably ahead of other supermarkets Jan Linders wants to give its (future) managers the opportunity to work on their management skills: ‘With People-oriented Passion and Goal-oriented Entrepreneurship’. How do you achieve that? How do you make it measurable? How do you translate management conduct & training to actual implementation and measurable effects. How do you ensure its perseverance as well as its feasibility?

    The solution

    Measurable improvement of the performance of managers – this is the principle behind ‘Leadership Performance Coach’. Central to this approach are the Critical Performance Indicators. In this case it not the hard numbers (which are included later) but the ‘soft factors’ which are crucial for the the eventual success of the hard numbers.
    Online measurement
    These ‘soft factors’ are measured using an online tool and consist of six themes in which a variety of elements are measured. These themes are related to the goals to be reached.
    This measurement is reported through an individual dashboard (mobile).

    Standards are applied in advance. How do want them to be scored on these points? What is the norm? Modules are offered in the dashboard to address these questions. These modules are inter-dependent with each element out of the questionnaire.

    With each modules a short explanation (e-learning) can be found by the manager. Herein the manager gets an aerial view of all the facets of that theme.

    Implementation assignments
    Subsequently the manager receives implementation assignments. These implementation assignments first concern the organisation/arrangement of ‘hard’ conditions and then work towards the ‘soft factors’ such as leadership skills, attitude and communication.

    When implementation assignments are linked to (internal) HR-documents, available information, checklists and so on.

    (Online) Coaching & training
    The whole approach is supported by (online) coaching and training.

    By development: to a clever algorithm…

    Current participants go through all the themes and subjects. Currently a clever algorithm is being worked on whereby modules are automatically prepared on the basis of scores. This gives each manager only the offered modules which are needed in light of performance measurement.

    Resources and Interventions

    In this approach use it made of:

    • Program management
    • Development of online modules with a supporting training program
    • Supporting skills training
    • Online coaching en guidance

    Client: Jan Linders