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    The challenge

    How do we get more young people to choose for Food?

    Groenhorst, with 11 branches and as a subsidiary of the Aeres Groep, lies in the middle of the Food Valley. At the same time Groenhorst sees an unsatisfactory yearly inflow of young people for Food. This partly because the education program Food ‘without an image’ has an unclear identity for young people. How do you make the Food program attractive for young people who are interested in ‘food’? The crucial question worked out by Groenhorst and Human Talent Group was to get Groenhorst as the specialised Mbo (professional eduction) educator for the Food Valley.

    The solution

    We have been working together with teachers and heads of department from the department Food to develop an innovative vision of the Food Valley Academy. From this a complete teaching house arose whereby students are involved in all aspects of food in the first two years and can then go on to different graduation profiles (retail, consulting, process, restaurants and bars).

    Intensive collaboration with the business world is crucial. There is high pressure in the program from working with group dynamics and a new relation between teacher and pupil.

    Online learning is one of the foundations of the program. This is why the learning material is digitalised in a way that appeals to younger people – at home on the sofa via a smartphone (and linked to Facebook).

    The first module, called Bugs ‘nd Bites, is now fully delivered. Students are involved in the background and applicability of edible insects: Future Food. A module developed in collaboration with Wageningen university. The best learning material available to everyone.

    A good example of a blend of assignments and related content (film, video, animation, theory, photos, checklists, roadmaps, tests, prescriptions and animations) both online and offline. The offline part naturally includes the cooking and eating of insects! In short, a good module with a lot of taste.

    At the same the steps followed lead to get to the next food module which lead to a complete curriculum of food modules that give a broad basis for everyone who wants to work in food or who is already working in food.

    Resources and Interventions

    In this approach use is made of:

    • Program management (design of a new education vision, programming and approach and activating involvement of the business world)
    • Supervision of the main teachers in the internalisation of the (new) role
    • Blended food modules
    • Daily programming with alternative dynamics (online motivation/learning, training, inspiration, symbolism/rituals etc.)

    Client: Groenhorst

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