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    The challenge

    How do I improve sales results in a advise sensitive retail environment?

    De Mandemakers Groep (DMG) is the largest furniture retailer in the Netherlands. It is a successful company which is known for its success formulas such as Sanders Meubelstad, Piet Klerkx, Morres Wonen and WoonExpress. De Mandemakers Groep wants to further expand its success through targeted investments in the sales power of its employees. Personal salesmanship is a critical success factor in furniture sales.


    The solution

    In the process of co-creation with the leaders and successful role-models from DMG a program was designed that fits 100% with the DNA of DMG. Together with these leaders and successful role-models we investigated and identified how the success of a salesman is now determined. This has led to a unique 10 step plan in which the salesman is supported in improving sales only at the precise step from which they need to improve. The combined determination of this ‘already proven’ unique sales method leads itself to better sales results without having started the adjacent training program.

    On the basis of this 10 step plan each step of the improvement program develops (future) salesmen and trains and guides them in improving their sales results.

    The training sessions are conducted by trainers specially selected by DMG and have extensive experience in the advice-sensitive retail sector.

    Resources & Interventions

    In the approach use is made of:

    • Project management
    • Developing online improvement modules (e-learning)
    • Commercial training

    Client: De Mandemaker Groep




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