• Blended Change

    Pioneer in effecting real change;
    the value lies in the implementation

    There is a way to get all your employees on-board in achieving the desired improved performance of your business, even if it is the implementation of a whole now vision, mission or strategy.

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  • Performance driven

    Take your lead in performance driven learning; measurable improvement in results

    What is the Return On Investment (ROI) of your coaching and training course? As a client you would be interested to know the yields of coaching and courses.

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  • Evidence Based

    Advisers and trainers of the future

    The advise and training sector is changing. More and more advisers and trainers are realising that their traditional method of work is rapidly loosing demand and will completely disappear in the coming decades.

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Mobile learning, where and whenever you want!

WIZR, the first e-learning platform made with the user in focus. Mobile First, intuitive, at home on the couch!



  • Results count


    95% of clients stay with us and will recommend us to others


  • For education

    • New educational approaches
    • Participation of the business world
    • Constructive and durable learning
    • MBO, MBO4 (professional qualification) and HBO diploma (bachelor’s diploma)
    • Educational background
    • Extensive experience in the business world
  • Experience of participants

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