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    Trade associations are looking ahead; make successful strategic policy by looking at the trends and developments. This varies from the implementation of durable concepts to increasing innovative craftsmanship to the vitality of staff and businesses. How do you get all of your members on-board?

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    Human Talent Group is specialised in the development of sector strengthening programs for the members of the association, employers or worker’s organisations in which we make the translation of your vision and policy to real implementation and measurable results for the members. This comes from the conviction that trade associations are very much needed and from the conviction that, in practice, entrepreneurs need a helping hand in translating their vision and policy from the trade associations to their own businesses.

    Your main questions

    Directors who have successfully implemented the Online Change or Performance Driven Learning programs also had questions before they began. Below are questions that we have received from them. You may have similar questions but if you have a different questions you can send them below and we promise to get back to you promptly.

    Why do you do this?

    For many of your members it is difficult for them to get their staff on-board in addressing new developments, treads and new market requirements. Trade associations can bring the added value to their members in a way that nothing else can. This is through accumulated procurement and development power, shared knowledge and professional implementation support.

    We develop branch strengthening programs in which all members of the association are made aware of new developments and in which we help them to concretely translate them to their business and their market. We know the dynamics of trade associations through years of experience in many different sectors. We understand the dynamics and enjoy using this to get things in the right direction and to achieve success. Our drive is the success of your members: entrepreneurs and staff. Therein lies our strength. Strong entrepreneurs and staff ensure sustainable and strong businesses which together form a strong association.

    What exactly do you do?

    It starts with a trade association with a strategic vision of the sector and the direction that the members need to develop. The association wants to mobilise its members in this direction. A vision and strategy that you write for your sector does not have to remain as a piece of paper. You would like to achieve something together where all your members benefit and the association gains and retains strength.

    We help to translate the vision and strategy to implementation programs for the members. The implementation programs help entrepreneurs and employees to successfully carry out the vision and strategy in a measurable manner whereby we can demonstrate added value to the entrepreneurs as this is what appeals to them.

    We build these implementation programs online. The advantage of doing this online is that it has a deep reach and that all members receive a homogeneous message and approach to be achieved. In addition, individuals can participate on their own accord when they please which greatly facilitates the motivation and attention to the implementation.

    We organise the introduction of these implementation programs with trainers, advisers and experts with a proven track record in their relevant sector. This is how we help trade associations to effectively implement their strategic vision in the sector through their members.

    Why is it interesting for our sector

    With the method for Online Change & Performance Driven Leaning from Human Talent Group you have a proven formula for success in your hands which will help you translate your vision or strategy for your sector to your members. This strengthens the added value of you trade organisation for your members. Through measurable results you can demonstrate that your vision and strategy leads to healthier and stronger businesses and healthy and strong businesses are the fundamental base of a healthy and strong sector.

    Does it work for our sector?

    The approach of Online Change and Performance Driven Learning is suitable all sectors. This is because we develop the programs together with specialists from the sector from the point of view of the entrepreneur and the staff to ensure that the programs are tailored for the sector. As it is online, we can make a distinctive program that is practically relevant to the reality of the entrepreneurs. We have made programs for various sectors including, housing, technical wholesale, supermarkets, contractors, bakers and process operators. We have built programs for oligopolistic sectors with large businesses and sectors with many smaller businesses. In sum, the approach or method works for every sector. There are as many ways for the approach to be applied as there are sectors in the Netherlands.

    What is the significance for the staff?

    Employees benefit from strong businesses, after all, it gives job security and the best prospects. That applies to employers as it does to worker’s associations. Businesses benefit from empowered and energetic staff. Moreover, there is a mutual interest for the employers and the worker’s associations. To strengthen the mutual interest we regularly focus our sector strengthening programs so that the employees who have successfully implemented the vision, strategy and improvement goals into their sector will also receive recognised accreditation. In the Netherlands this is mbo 2/3/4-niveau (A-level) and hbo-AD or Bachlor niveau (Bachelor’s degree level). This is how the business becomes measurably stronger and how the employees are developed in a manner which has general social value.

    How do I get my members on-board?

    The will to realise the vision and strategy for your sector together is in practice critical for success. Would you like a good plan not to stay on paper but to become behaviour in the workplace? That starts with directors who put their necks out there to ensure that things really get done in their sector. This is not always easy. In all ways we help these directors to get completely on-board. In the first place, through designing an approach and proving its success to a number of (implicitly leading) entrepreneurs in the sector. Then, by making campaign proposals and a marketing approach to develop for its release to all the entrepreneurs and which we will use at all the natural moments and (regional) meetings which are already in the sector. With our network of successful trainers we will visit the members of the trade association personally to convince them to actively join the program and we will help you to activate all members in going for the vision and strategy for your sector.

    How do I get in contact with you?

    The easiest way is to sign up for introductory meeting or a presentation for to your Management Team. You can also get acquainted and a sense of direction through a meeting on the way home, breakfast session or in another way.

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  • Interesting facts

    • Over 20 years of experience in trade associations
    • An eye for results and political context
    • We speak the language of the entrepreneur
    • A sparring partner in policy matters
    • Hands-on and hands-off if necessary
    • Durable partner for building together