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    The challenge

    How do you increase your lead if you are already leading?

    Warmteservice now knows how to do you this. Warmteservice is a successful technical wholesaler with over 50 outlets – it has as many outlets as franchisees – with a clientèle of small businesses and consumers. Warmteservice has shown some good positive growth in recent years but how to your push yourself to do even better?

    The solution

    In the program ‘Boost Your Sales’ we have made a design for additional increases (on top of the organic growth) of the turnover of the outlets .
    If you are successful then you run a risk of ‘laziness’ creeping in and you can loose the edge that you had when you were fighting for something. This issue was the starting point in the design of the program: to identify exactly which areas loose focus when you are successful. These are often practical things. Consider the ‘activation of dormant customers’ or ‘actively approaching newly established Freelancers or businesses in the vicinity of the outlets’. Very self-evident matters but how do ensure that everyone addresses these matters rigorously?


    The program

    We have developed a program in which the main focus was on the customer and this was addressed through 7 specific result areas which piece by piece are linked to personal KPIs which are displayed in the performance dashboard:

    1. Increase the turnover of visiting customers
    2. Awaking dormant customers
    3. Increase conversion quotes
    4. Increase revenue from up-selling
    5. Recruit new customers
    6. Increase after-sales revenue
    7. Increase revenue from ‘second-hand jobs’

    The program consisted of a Boost of 6 months. In the structure of the program we have looked primarily at: How do I get people from a successful business aware of the opportunities still available (on top of current achievements) and how do we get them motivated to pursue them?

    The program runs from “Inspiration & proud of our company Warmteservice and our successes’ to ‘Confrontation with the facts’ (by customer indicators, mystery visits, KPI measurement) to ‘Behavioural modelling’ through the very specific weekly tasks which together lead to the desired results. A very successful program with a high ROI!

  • The results

    100% Proactive towards the local market

    100% Proactive attitude towards the head office

    Average rating from clients > 8

    On average a 49% higher score from independent Mystery Visits

    100% of all its branches and franchisees have joined in

    5-15% growth in revenue per branch in 6-8 months

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