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    The challenge

    How do I strengthen my mechanics of marketing and and sales goals of my company?

    Energiewacht is originally a service organisation for water boilers and is very successful in this area. At the same time Energiewacht has been sustainably and responsibly evolving into de an organisation that gives you ‘carefree living’. This means that the mechanic recieved another role. The role was not just to come and visit to clean the boiler and then leave. What then is the other role?

    How do you clearly combine what the new role and conduct of the mechanic is in light of this changing vision and the added value that Energiewacht wants to deliver to its customers?

    The solution

    A mechanic is in the first place a mechanic. This was the starting point in the development of the new concept ‘de ServiceLadder’ (the Service Ladder). In the ServiceLadder the mechanic grew from a technically skilled handyman to a representative, proactive and innovative technician.

    There are a total of 7 steps that make up the serviceladder. Each step represents certain behaviour associated effects (consider measurements among consumers or the lead generation). The percentage has been mapped with an estimated of the degree of growth the mechanics will go through in each step.

    Through the growth of the number of mechanics higher up the service ladder, coupled with a type of lead generation and the conversion of leads, a potential analysis is developed. This forms the basis of the ROI calculation in the development of online performance improvement modules.


    We are currently developing an online platform with a personal performance dashboard for each mechanic. He can see for himself:

    • On which step of the ServiceLadder he is
    • Lead generation (which + how many)
    • Customer reviews
    • Modules at each step in the ServiceLadder. These modules help him to get higher in the ServiceLadder through physical (product) knowledge training and specific assignments for mechanics who work higher up the ladder (expo visits, analysis etc.)
    • Loyalty program (gamification)
    • Programming offline meetings

    A clever algorithm…

    In principle the mechanics can go through all the modules but it is not necessary. A clever algorithm automatically gives advice to the mechanics on which modules to follow to move up to the next step on the ladder on the basis of the scores. Therefore, each mechanic gets exactly what suits their current stage in development. An intelligent platform!

    Resources and Interventions

    In this approach use is made of:

    • Concept Development Workshops in collaboration with managers
    • Program management
    • ServiceLadder (online platform)
    • Supporting skills and product knowledge training
    • Online coaching and guidance

    Client: Energiewacht