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    The Challenge

    Choosing for the future. Construction in 2020. How do I get my members on-board?

    As a trade association for construction and infrastructure Bouwend Nederland’s aim is to unite, connect and support the members. This support is not only in the form of strategic interests but also specific support for members in their daily activities. Bouwend Nederland closely follows developments on the political, market, business and consumer levels and wants to support and prepare the members as thoroughly as possible for the future.

    For 2013-2020 Bouwend Nederland established its strategic direction in “Kiezen voor de toekomst. Construction in 2020 (Choose for the future. Construction in 2020)”. Herein six strategic spearheads are established. The key question is: How do I get my members on-board?

    The solution

    In the introductory meeting is was decided to begin with a module that supports the members in making a transition to customer-oriented thinking and acting, conceptually and actually. This is one of the strategic spearheads of Bouwend Nederland.

    The aim of the module is to support this transition. Many construction companies sit still in the traditional approach to the market through strategic partnerships with developers and local governments etc. This stems from routine and it usually works satisfactorily. However, the members have less experience with the translation of strategic spearheads such as sustainability to active local marketing aimed directly to the end customer. Here is where the members need help and preferably as concrete as possible.

    Through this module Bouwend Nederland has seen how important it is to them to offer maximum support to the members in a new way which fits the role of a trade association. This last point does not imply that Bouwend Nederland takes over the role of entrepreneur but facilitates the entrepreneur in a lasting way with the Blended Learning program with its practical tools that can help them to translate this in their own business.

    The module is designed as much for entrepreneurs as for direct employees for companies in the turnover category of 3-30 million euros. The starting point is a small module, aimed at increasing revenue from marketing and sales activities, based on the strategic spearheads of Bouwend Nederland – consider sustainable concepts, image, collaborative enterprises. There are quick results and a precise effect as it is what entrepreneurs need.

    The approach uses successful examples from practise. After all, this way a ‘pie in the sky’ scenario is a avoided and the entrepreneurs see the possibilities of the ‘here and now’. The participants gain insight into success factors and the costs and benefits. This is how they are guided in a practical way to translate successful examples into the story of their own business.

    Resources and Interventions

    In the approach used is made of:

    • Program management
    • Support in recruiting the participative companies
    • Development of the online module with supporting training programs
    • Supporting skills training
    • Online coaching and guidance

    Client: Bouwend Nederland