Performance Driven Learning

  • Measurable improvement with Performance Driven Learning

    A real momentum arises in the organisation because of a unified focus with coordinated goals to achieve and a directed support program on offer for all the staff.
    Take an example of the results of one of our programs. The program was running at a retail store with as many franchisees as subsidiaries. The subsidiaries were not running satisfactorily but rather turned a negative percentage growth. They started with a performance improvement program leading to a significant growth in sales. This growth was clearly faster that the growth of the other franchisees not using the program and was an unprecedented trend in the company.

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    Therefore it can be different

    The Return On Investment of coaching and training courses does not have to be complicated. It needs:

    • good preparation;
    • a program which develops (no more one-off training sessions);
    • an online and offline approach;
    • ‘best practices’, proven successful behaviour from within the organisation;
    • coupling with personal KPI’s;
    • a coherent set of implementation tasks focussed on improving results;
    • a continuous approach over a longer period so that behaviour can assimilate;
    • a strong input from the leaders.

    In short, with Performance Driven Learning programs from Human Talent Group you have a way to create and hold onto a strong advantage.

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