Mobile Learning

Mobile learning, where and when you want

WIZR is the new e-learning and course management platform, whereby every one can work anywhere anytime.

After years of working on various e-learning and course management systems Human Talent Group has developed its own e-learning environment which connects seamlessly with the vision and method of Performance Driven Learning. WIZR is built out of the basic idea ‘Mobile First, as close as possible, on the go or snugly on the sofa at home. WIZR is simple and accessible without barriers as if you’re browsing on a website such as Facebook or using WhatsApp. Simple and Direct.

WIZR has become the example of how you implement innovative solutions quickly spotlessly and successfully.

On the go in the train or at home on the sofa, it doesn’t really matter where you are are when you want to learn, it can be done anywhere at anytime.
On your smart phone or i-pad.



WIZR, what is the added value for your employees? Unique User Reasons.

  • Mobile First

    80% of the Dutch have a smartphone. On average we look at our smartphone 110 times a day. It is part of our daily lives and it should also were learning has a place – everywhere, on the road, at home or on the sofa. WIZR is therefore primarily for mobile phones and works as a Multi device, adapting to any device and format.

  • Intuitive

    Everyone is accustomed to certain structures when navigating in websites. That is completely routine and you don’t think about it. WIZR is based on these principles: clear menu structure, swipe and scroll just as you are used to, submitting and communicating as you do daily.

  • Primary Focus: function

    The trend of online learning is ‘tooling’. Gone with the comprehensive system, where everything has to fit in, instead for an effective mix of tools which the user wants to use to or is already using which address what needs to be developed. WIZR focusses on its primary function: facilitating learning.

  • Smooth & quick

    Technology must help you to learn rather than frustrate you. WIZR was developed with the flawless programming language Python. We love Python! That is not surprising considering that the developer of Python worked at Google and Dropbox. No matter how large our programs are they always run smoothly and quickly.

  • Personal Dashboard

    Your own performance right at your fingertips! WIZR is designed on the basis of the vision Performance Driven Learning. In WIZR the participant finds their own performance indicators. Online consumer measurements, High Performance Culture measurements, indicators and control numbers. Everything is combined via, and feedback given on, you smartphone. You are always aware of the achievements and progress that you make!

  • Building simple e-learning

    Building E-learning has never been so simple. WIZR offers the possibility to easily build and adjust e-learning yourself. Compare it to building a powerpoint. Simplicity, effectiveness and efficiency are the key words in the design of WIZR.

Spontaneous reactions of participants

“I cannot stop. It’s addictive, courses on your phone”

“Everything is clear and logical”

Would you like to learn more about how to use WIZR to support your work and learning process within your organisation? Contact us.