Evidence Based Improvement

  • Predictability versus reality

    Customers want predictability, guarantees, certainty and productivity. There is increasing interest in management, control and measurable accountability. Online change methods or online development methods provide these guarantees. Everything is on display, traceable and measurable. What more then to take into consideration?
    In the last 4,5 years we have experimented with Online Change and Performance Driven Learning and we have seen a radical change in the job of the adviser and trainer. Radical because an ‘attitude’ change is required from the adviser or trainer and that isn’t easy.
    One should also bear in mind that a ‘good’ adviser or trainer is an indispensable part of the process and might be the determining factor for success. This has to do with the fact that change is not plan but the sum of interactions between people.

    It is not “what should I do” that is the relevant question, but “what am I doing right now”.

    Ralph Stacey

    The complexity of change and development

    Change does not fit in a plan but in what you do. It arises from interactions between people. (See summary complex responsive process, Ralph D. Stacy). Once you are on the subject of interactions between people, notions of power, domination, fear, uncertain and resistance come up which are all things that do not fit into a plan or online. You may take these aspects into consideration but when you try to conceptualise how, when, from who and between who these aspects will arise you will probably struggle. A plan does give direction with steps on the road to better performance but the only way in which momentum arises is through the interaction between people and consequently the pattern emerges where ‘what the boss call’ has much less effect on the ground.

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    Sensitivity of the weak signals

    Sensitivity of weak signals is what sets the good adviser or trainer apart and is of indispensable importance to perceive and act upon interactions. From our point of view it is about having a grasp, control and measurable accountability with room for feeling and intuition. This gives the adviser or trainer a constant alertness and grasp of what is actually happening and to use this as a starting point for the next intervention.

    Enrichment of the instruments

    Online application leads to an enrichment of the adviser or trainer’s instruments. It ensures that he has more impact and reach, can work more efficiently, follow the process more closely and can look at other interactions. In sum, it increases his ability to effectively contribute to the performance of the company.
    The ‘profession’ remains intact. Furthermore, far more attention will be on the essence of the ‘profession’. If you are a training someone, you are really training them and not some glorified teacher or speaker. If you are advising you are at the core of advising process on the basis of fully employing your sensitivity to what is really happening and interactions used to better performance.

    New business models?

    EB - ADVISEURS - Nieuwe businessmodellen - engels
    The future will indeed create new business models. Human Talent Group works out of Business Modelling. We examine each situation for a healthy business model for all parties involved. Real added value should and must always be well paid. That is the case as ultimately it is about the efficiency per euro paid to a trainer rather than the total costs.