Evidence Based Improvement

  • ‘Trainer, you have another job!’

    Clients Ernest Bouwman (manager of Learning & Development) and Diana van Miltenburg (head of Management Development) from ABN AMRO provide a provocative explanation in ‘Trends in opleiden’ – ‘Trends in training’ – of the Dutch Association of HRD-professionals in development and training (NVO2). They note that the trainer’s proffession has certainly changed. The glory days are over, there is going to be a rough shake-up, proclaim Bouwman and Miltenburg.

    New revenue model?

    Ernest Bouwman and Diana van Miltenburg point out new revenue moldels for the trainer. The question only if is this could the core of the solution. Depending on the of development issue and the circumstances, learning online can indeed take over 100% of the training time, thereby, replacing the income model but does that apply to all cases?Rekensom lamp hand light

    The demand for distinction and guarantee of results

    In practice, today customers are especially interested in having clear answers to the questions: ‘what does this bring’ and ‘what sets you apart from others’. Customers want to have certainty and guarantees. How do you offer a customer certainty when you and all others are aware that change is a complex and unpredictable process? These are not in themselves new questions but they are becoming more pressing. It is time for clear new added value.

    Online tooling in the advise sector?

    As an adviser how can you embed online tooling to initiate and maintain motion? This in uncharted territory in the advise world but it offers many unprecedented opportunities.
    Many working activities are much better prepared online than offline. For the adviser or trainer this means experimenting with new, and sometimes unknown, tools and a whole new philosophy and methodology. Often they can charge a higher rate because if they are well-prepared they can deliver much more quickly. So there is much coming your way if you are willing to act on becoming an adviser or trainer of the future.