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    New forms of education and participation of the business world characterise major changes in education. There is increasing knowledge about how people learn constructively and durably and rapid advances in technology also create far more possibilities. Furthermore, the rapid changes in the business world beg a symbolic collaboration with education. Human Talent Group, with the Performance Driven Learning programs, delivers the right solution.
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    Your questions

    Educational institutions which successfully work with Performance Driven Learning programs also had questions before they began. Below are questions that we have received from them. You may have similar questions but if you have different questions you can send them below and we promise to get back to you promptly.

    Why do you do this?

    Education can do better
    We have the greatest respect for the value of education. We believe it can be improved and many directors of educational institutions also think so. We want to use our strengths from the business world to contribute. We find it fascinating to translate the needs of the business world into innovative solutions, programs and methods. Subsequently We include the department managers and teachers of schools. For us it is very inspiring to see how much energy this releases in teachers and participants.

    Recognition and appreciation
    We believe that recognition and appreciation of the employee’s performance is important. This applies primarily to the appreciation that the employee receives from the company, but we go beyond the compliments of the boss. It also applies to social recognition and appreciation for what someone has learnt from a company and what they have resolved. We have seen how important employees find this social recognition. If they are currently an entrepreneur who still needs MBO4 (professional certificate) or they have an HBO diploma (Bachelor’s degree) and they are want an MBO diploma (professional certificate) because they want to do a completely different line of work they are incredibly proud of themselves to stand on a stage and receive the diploma or certificate and that also makes us proud for having helped.

    What exactly do you do?

    It begins with a sector or a business which wants to push real improvement in their performance and here we develop online methods from our signature Performance Driven Learning. This is one of the education methods developed by us that leads to measurable improvements in your business. Subsequently, we bring (on behalf of your sector or business) schools in contact with the sectors or businesses for the use of the programs in collaboration with advisers/trainers from the sector. In order for this to run successfully, we support teachers in the use of these new (online) methods and their changing role as teachers in the execution. We also provide the educational foundation and ensure that the execution of the programs meets legal and regulatory requirements.

    Why is this educationally interesting?

    It is a way for your educational institutions and sectors and companies to get in contact. It is primarily a way to build another collaboration whereby the sector or business participates as an educational partner and is thoroughly committed to your educational development. Businesses get a first-hand experience of the added value of your education through the ‘performance driven learning’ method. For your teachers it is a valuable opportunity to get acquainted with other forms of education accompanied by new demands on him/her, not only because a significant portion occurs online but also because of the new vision of ‘mission-based learning and improvement’.

    Do you adapt programs for laws and regulations?

    Human Talent Group has advisers/developers with backgrounds in education who have also gained business experience. They know both worlds and are therefore able to embed the programs in the legal and regulatory landscape of education whilst also providing a link between these two worlds. This not only justifies the programs but it allows companies and educational institutions to understand each other well and to take into account each other’s interests.

    Do you take control of the implementation?

    Human Talent Group is the developer of blended methods and brings executing parties of the program together. Human Talent Group is actively involved in the first ‘meeting groups’ together with the implementing partners to ensure that the programs deliver real improvement of performance. Once the implementing parties have incorporated the programs Human Talent Group pull back step by step until the schools, the sector and the sector trainers/advisers are implementing the program together. Human Talent Group remains involved in the role as supplier of the online interface and monitor of implementation. When necessary, Human Talent Group maintains the innovation of the online interface and will develop activities together with the other parties.

    How does it work financially?

    Human Talent Group is specialised in the building of activity based costing models for the implementation of programs in education. In the models there is transparent mapping of: who undertakes which implementation activities of the programs; how many hours it took and; which other costs should be included. We now have a lot of experience with this. On the other hand there are income sources from OC&W, businesses and participants. Together this should lead to a responsible and sustainable implementation model for all parties.

    Do you also work for full-time education?

    Yes, we are active in a number of schools involved in the creation of innovative concepts for full-time education. In addition we build, together with teachers, step for step, new hybrid forms of part-time or full-time education in which an active involvement in the business world in key. This last point is considered crucial by most educational institutions.

    Do you also work for Bachelor's degree level?

    Yes, we have experience in setting up a blended HBO AD and a HBO Bachelor (Bachelor’s degree) program. We also touch on Master programs (Master’s degree level). Each time we set up a program we look at the specific needs of the parties involved, for example, for a ‘regional mkb-model’ for a private trainer and out of a ‘niche approach’ for a very specific segment.

    How do I contact you?

    The easiest way is to sign up for introductory meeting or a presentation for to your Management Team. You can also get acquainted and get a sense of direction through a meeting on the way home, breakfast session or in another way.

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    Interesting facts

    • New forms of education
    • Participation of the business world
    • Constructive and sustainable learning
    • MBO, MBO4 and HBO diplomas (professional certificates and Bachelor’s degrees)
    • Educational background
    • Extensive experience in the field of business