Blended Change

  • Benefits of Blended Change

    The benefits of Blended Change & Performance Driven Learning for management and the business are:

    • greater impact
    • more inclusion of all the staff
    • lower costs per employee
    • process control through online monitoring of the progress and impact of each employee

    Additionally it also gives the possibility to collectively learn from ‘best practices’ within the organisation by allowing everyone to see and share knowledge. Subsequently there is great consistency in the approach: everyone one gets uniform feedback and therefore knowledge of how best to function is increasingly stronger.

    “Nothing is impossible. The word itself says: I’m possible!”

    Audrey Hepburn

    The effect

    For your business this means that all staff will truly understand what you would like to achieve with you (new) vision, strategy or core values, and what behavioural change this requires and the effects that this must have. You reach all your employees. By coupling measurable performance, in the form of a personal online / mobile performance dashboard, you can accurately measure whether the desired movement is gaining momentum and if the direction is really producing the intended effect.

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