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    Your main questions

    Companies that have successfully implemented the Online Change and Performance Driven Learning programs also had questions before they began. Below are questions that we have received from them. You may have similar questions but if you have a different question you can send them below and we promise to get back to you promptly.

    Why do you do this?

    Plans do not have to remain as plans. Visions and strategies do not just have to be paper documents. A brand experience or formula experience do not have to remain abstract. Core values do not only have to be words but can really be ‘done’ and by doing so they can lead to remarkable results! This is what motivates us. It is why we get out of bed in the morning and what we work hard for. It releases the creativity in us that is needed to get people to think differently and to show and keep behaviour that is fine-tuned to fit the purpose of your business. We are delighted to help people discover that they can achieve far more than they think they can!

    What exactly do you do?

    It starts with a director or executive who wants to achieve something with his / her business or division and is looking for a partner to accelerate the process. We are that partner through:

    1. clearly working out exactly what momentum is needed;
    2. precisely determining what new behaviour is needed from the staff;
    3. a potential analysis to work out: what it should yield?
    4. constructing a program that leads to new behaviour;
    5. setting up the program effectively and efficiently with clever online and offline interventions;
    6. making a customised online setting for you;
    7. a tight results-oriented output of the program with your management.

    Why is it interesting for me?

    Human Talent Group provides a proven formula for success that leads to the improvement of performance in the workplace, tailored to the vision, strategy, core values and performance indicators of your business. An online method combined with offline interventions awards high impact, a thorough reach and excellent process control. This is a method that excels in efficiency and effectiveness and it has an eye for recognising the best practices, successes and role-models in your own organisation. These are employed to afford real change. In sum, we are a strong partner which will demonstrably help you achieve your ambitions.

    Does this work for my business?

    The approach of Online Change & Performance Driven Learning is especially suitable for larger companies. With a customised online program, the one-off investment to build it is related to the ‘cost per participant’.. Our programs are therefore interesting for companies with >100 employees in a similar function and >200 employees if it is a generic culture program or a change in trajectory where you would like all your employees on board. The bigger the company, the greater the cost advantage when compared with the traditional change or improvement methods.
    For smaller companies we now have a number of proven generic approaches that have been developed fir implementation in collaboration with executive partners and in open team enrolment models. If you would like more information please contact us.

    How do I get my directors on board?

    The support, or rather the conviction and belief, that an approach is going to work is critical for success. That goes for you as board members and as directors on the front line of the realising the implementation. Therefore in the concept phase we include your directors, successful role-models and eventually other (internal) stakeholders in the design. We call this concept phase ‘the first round’. Together we identify what momentum they would like to see, how to measure whether the momentum is gaining pace (KPIs), which ‘successful behaviour’ leads to results, what direction line also evokes ‘critical behaviour’ and which online and offline interventions are needed.
    Together with stakeholders we then create a potential-analysis so that it is clear what it will bring. We then determine the conditions necessary for success and the investment budget vis-a-vis insight into the ROI of the intervention.
    This ‘first round’ is actually already the start of the program. After all, as directors you are the owners of the approach, the program and the results that benefit your business.

    How do I get my management on-board?

    The inverse challenge is naturally also a problem, where you are decided but you need to get your (international) management on-board? Firstly, together with you we ensure that there is a flawless image of the intended results and an initial picture for the vision of the approach that you can present to the management. Additionally you can of course always invite us to present to them in person. If desired, we can put your management in contact with directors of our existing clients. We also regularly organise en route-to-home meetings or breakfast sessions with directors and managers to inspire and support them in making an internal picture and decision.

    How do I get my franchisees on-board?

    Several of our clients work with franchisees from soft to hard franchise agreements. With both scenarios we have a lot experience. Until now we have noticed that franchisees have seen the advantage of the approach through the measurable effects of our programs. They are generally quick to join. Once the first franchisees clock in better results the success goes to work and the other franchisees will work hard and faster than independent stores. Franchise organisations where we are running our programs have never seen so many franchisees participate in improvement programs.

    When do I start?

    With are programs you start when you want to see real momentum and when you genuinely want to see change and improvement in your business. You start when you want to see faster growth than the current growth in your business or simply when the changing market is demanding you try a new direction.
    Good timing is or great importance. Everyone is busy. Managers need to to do more with less staff and that is a reality that has to be reckoned with. At the same time there is the risk that daily demands keep you and your staff from addressing issues of real importance, elements which are essential to success in the medium and long-term.
    You can expect to realistically look what is feasible but you should also expect us to apply ‘positive pressure’ on you and/or your staff to ensure that the desired change is really put in motion. Often this external pressure works like a crowbar exacerbating positive action.

    What are the investments?

    The investment per project depends on the nature, the extent and the duration of the approach. First, we look at where you are now and where you would like to go. Here, your ambitions give direction.
    The investment consists the costs for conceptualisation (the aforementioned ‘first round’), one-off development costs for the online interface and implementation costs. For us, the concept development phase is decisive. At this stage we determine what the ambitions are, what the approach will be, what investments are needed and these investments should deliver. They should lead to a good and healthy ROI and clear long-term value so that our work together is more than justified.

    Does is work for every target group?

    So far we have not encountered a situation where the combination of online and offline intervention did not reach the target group precisely because the construction of the programs looks carefully at the target group and how to appeal to each group in their respective levels: from a process operator to engineer, team-leader to director, merchandiser to franchisee, young to old, student to teacher and florist to baker. Basically we have seen every type of target group go through our programs.

    How do I contact you?

    The easiest way is to sign up for introductory meeting or a presentation for to your Management Team. You can also get acquainted and a sense of direction through a meeting on the way home, breakfast session or in another way.

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    • Over 20 years of advice – & training experience
    • Proven success in leading companies
    • Much involvement in the achievement of goals
    • Specialist in transformation management & leadership
    • Implementation partner with a strong focus on realisation
    • Experience with all target groups from the boardroom to the workspace